Over 1,000,000 students reached by the Robb Nash Project so far. And what are they saying?

April 6, 2015 ·

Robb’s stories, videos and songs have helped kids across Canada start to live again and make every day count. Mi5 Print is among several corporations, groups and individuals who humbly support the project through donations of time, services and money. We hope you or your company will come on and join the band as well.

To-date hundreds of teachers, parents and kids have shared their stories of remarkable personal breakthrough, realization of self-worth and personal growth.  We’re sharing some of those words here and we encourage you to contact the Robb Nash Project if you can help in anyway or know of a school, organization or individual who needs a visit, song or story of strength and hope.


We had a wonderful session with Robb and the students LOVED it! I was so happy with everything. Tyler was great to work with and was so efficient and organized which made it very easy.  Everyone I talked to was friendly and kind too. We loved having them all in our school. We sure appreciate what you are all doing — you are really making a difference in this world and living full, meaningful lives. I was impressed yet again and thoroughly enjoyed the show a second time. Thank you for everything. I have also really appreciated you, Karen. You’ve been very kind and a good listener and were thoughtful with our discussions. You’ve been open, honest and patient with us so thank you so much!
Teacher from Alberta

My husband and I attended your event last night at Holts. Though our son has seen your school presentation, and had shared your profound stories, we did not fully appreciate the depth of your message. I have been deeply moved by your stories. You have a unique outlook on life that enlightens and educates. Though I see myself as a compassionate and empathic individual, I realized that there is much more I can do. You have created a shift in my thinking.  I will move forward, practicing to be a little more open hearted and open minded. You are making the world a better place.
Mother from Alberta

Robb spoke at my son’s school and had a profound effect on him! So much so that he came forward about his own thoughts of suicide that day. Robb talked to my son, and that talk may have changed everything for him. After that talk, my son took out a suicide letter he wrote and tore it up. We thought he was doing well, and had no idea that he was even thinking of suicide. One of the worst nightmares a parent could have. None of this would have ever come forward if not for one man taking his time to talk to my son, and we will be forever thankful for Robb Nash and what he has done for us. Robb, your words may have very well been the very thing my son needed to stay with us. To know that he was ready to hang himself this weekend, and your words encouraged him to give up on that plan, means the world to us. You will always be in our thoughts, and prayers. Thank you dearly.
Father from Alberta

The presentation was really well done! Robb and his team were professional, caring and approachable. Robb took tons of time with students at the end of the presentation and the students were inspired by what he shared. Many students came up to me or other teachers to say that he has made a positive difference in their lives with his messages.  One teacher even wrote me and said that a student in her class who never interacted actually put her hand up with a smile and started sharing how Robb listened to her and that she feels better as a result. We really appreciated being able to get the presentation and really enjoyed them coming to our school.
Counselor, Collegiate, Manitoba

The presentation was engaging, professional and excellent. In my conversations with students following the presentation, they repeatedly identified their own high level of engagement and attributed this to many things:  Robb’s straight forward approach – they felt as if he was speaking with them rather than to them, the music was excellent as was the musicianship and the tech aspect was integrated seamlessly. From my perspective as principal, I would add that the entire presentation from planning right through to tear-down was the most professional we have ever had. I was particularly impressed with the pre-presentation material provided to set the tone both for students and staff. Robb has set the bar very high for other presenters! Really – overall it was a great experience – one that I hope we have the opportunity to experience again.
Principal, High School, Alberta

Your team did a presentation at our school this morning and I want to tell you how much you have impacted all our staff and students.  Everyone wants to talk about your presentation ALL THE TIME!! Long-term staff are saying that it is the best presentation that we have ever had at our school and some are saying that it is the best show/presentation that they have ever seen in their lives.  You touched on all the issues that young people are facing and you gave them HOPE that things can change no matter what happens in life. Thank you again.
Counsellor, Middle School, British Columbia


Robb helps me with his music. It helps me calm down and focus on things. His songs help stop me from self harming, and negative thinking. Listening to Robb’s lyrics just makes me forget about all the voices in my head saying that I’m worthless, I’m FAT, that nobody cares, that I have NO strength in me, that I should pick up the razor, that I should attempt suicide, that nobody loves me and that I’m unwanted. That’s the WHOLE reason why I’ve been listening to his songs. If he didn’t come to my school  then I don’t know what I would’ve been doing right now. So THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Robb Nash.

I wanted to say that you guys are amazing! My life isn’t the best, my parents left me aside cause drugs are more important, I resorted to cutting, not my best decision but was the only thing that could make me feel better. I lost everything because of them, I have to live on my own. I never in a million years would have ever thought that would be me or my life. It’s not easy but I’m trying, and you guys gave me the extra boost I’ve needed. I have wanted to die cause I felt like I wasn’t worth anything. You guys made me feel like I am somebody and that I have a purpose. Everything you said made a difference and it was such an honor that you came to our school! I’m glad I picked this day to come to school. Thank you so much you’ve inspired me to keep going.

You came to my school and you saved my life… nobody else really ever seemed to care but you did… so thank you… and thanks for taking my blades too… i haven’t cut since then either. And that song Starting Over has kept me going more than anything. thank you for saving my life.

Today I saw Robb Nash, I told him some of my story and when i asked him to sign my arm he did with a smile. When he signed my arm he made me make him a promise to not self harm and when he finished writing on my arm he gave me his bracelet right off of his arm. And from that moment I knew that people cared. So with this I am saying is that I am ready to start over and climb over the struggle I’m in.

Thank you for all Robb and his team do. I want all of you to know I appreciate everything you do. Seeing Robb speak really made me think and learn. I’ve always been really alone, and no one has ever looked at me like I was gift, like my mental illness isn’t all I am. So thank you, so much, for making me feel like I am worth more than the harm and the sadness.

I am a student in grade 9. Seeing you share your story made me realize that maybe there was still hope left. At the beginning of the year i had been sent to the children hospital from the school counsellor, they wanted to admit me into the psychologists ward for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I had more appointments at the hospital and now am on a anti depressant called prozac. I feel stuck though. I feel like if this medication is barely helping me then maybe nothing can. I have tried to overdose twice and have my suicide note ready. Well… I did have my note ready. I am deleting it as i write this. The note is now off my laptop and gone forever. You have helped me in 2 hours more then anyone has for my whole life. Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me realize that if I’m going through hell then it isn’t a good place to stop.

3 years ago I hated my life. At the end of grade 8 I start cutting. I would cut my arms, stomach and sometimes my thighs. I cut everywhere that I felt I was ugly or fat. I felt like cutting made me feel better. I started getting the attention that I lacked. I continued to self harm. I also began to hurt myself in other ways. I would go for “walks” and hit my head on pavement. I would lay down on a sidewalk and just bang my head. Walls were good for that too… I hurt my head in every possible way. Once again, I felt like it helped. This continued until I went to the Robb Nash concert. I went there thinking that it was gonna be stupid and useless. I felt like nothing and nobody could change the way I felt about my life. But Robb Nash did exactly that. When we first got to the school Robb needed somebody to sing with him. I turned down the offer. My talent was kept secret. Singing made me happy. I didn’t want to be happy. The concert began and Robb told his story. I cried. Not just because of what happened to him but because I realized he went through hell and yet he could smile and laugh. He could help other people. I listened closely to the rest of the concert. Watched the videos, listened to the songs and regretted not singing with him. After the concert I walked up to meet him. He gave me a hug and told me I owed him a duet. Since that day the little postcard is still on my wall. It was a reminder not to give up. I have been clean for 2 years.

Not only am I happy but I’ve been able to spread that happiness. Thanks to Robb Nash inspiring me, I have been able to inspire others. I have helped numerous friends and family push through suicidal thoughts and self harming thoughts. I have made a difference in people. I am able to look past my complications and use them for the good. A couple months ago I came out to my parents as being gay. They flipped. I am back to the feelings of being alone in my family. Difference is, now I can use it to help other people. It has been a long 2 months with my parents. But everyday I come home and see the postcard of Robb Nash and I am able to push through. I listen to Robb Nash’s music pretty much everyday and I am able to walk through everyday with a smile on my face. I am continuing to use that to encourage others and show them that just because life gets harder doesn’t mean your strength disappears. My favorite thing that Robb Nash said was: “Pain doesn’t go away but neither does the strength”. Thank you Robb Nash for opening my eyes and showing me that I can use my pain for good not bad. I will make sure we get that duet! Thank you team for taking the time to read my story. You are all doing an incredible thing.

I absolutely love the song Starting Over. It made me cry the first couple times I listened to it. I haven’t stopped listening to it. The words are perfect and incredibly meaningful. Thank you Robb for being such an inspiration… I feel like I have a reason to live. A reason to push through life and help others. You are my hero.

I would just like to say how absolutely amazing and inspiring your show was today. I must say, we have had musicians and bands come to our school before but none of them have been my taste. However, with your group’s exhilarating guitar riffs and captivating lyrics I was so inspired, I even went home and started writing a song myself. I also came to download  at least 10 of your songs. I can’t get enough of “One Last Breath”, those lyrics hit me right in the heart every time. Furthermore, the message you delivered throughout the entire show really helped me rethink the regrets of my past. Coming into the show, I was angry, bitter and quietly hated myself; my best friend killed himself a while back and I felt it was my fault I wasn’t there for him. You made me feel a whole lot better about it today. You said we can either live our lives in bitterness or we can take our past in stride. Thanks to your group, that’s what I’m going to do. I can never thank you guys enough for what your group has done for me today. Overall, with your humored approach to life, along with your inspiring story and music, your show was one of the immediate positive impacts on my life. Can you please come back to sometime? I know you inspired so many of us today. May the scars of our generation’s wrists fade and be replaced with the message you delivered to us all today.