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In today’s ever-changing retail landscape, you need new ideas and proven methods to secure success. MiThink stands at the forefront of winning retail campaigns. Our experience and love for point of sale has allowed us to provide our clients with exciting ways to refresh their brand, engage consumers and increase sales.Have a look at the different ways we can help you reach greater heights:
Creating the spark, the breakthrough idea that makes something memorable. Nothing creates value for your product like a great idea. And great thinking is what we do.
Understanding the store and the shopper. Shopper Marketing looks at the science of shopping to better understand what makes a winning campaign. So whether is in-store or on-line we’ve got you covered.

We believe that Shopper Marketing is Brand Marketing at the point of purchase. While it encompasses many of the well-known trade marketing practices, we believe that it is much more than that. We bring retail and on-premise know-how, and mix it with marketing and the highest level of award winning creative. The result is truly disruptive and emotionally engaging campaigns.

We deliver many disciplines to assure both retail and on-premise success. Some of these include Research, Shopper Insights, Trends and Forecasting, Category Management, Displays, Digital and New Technology, Promotions, Sales, and Retail Partnerships.

Led by Daniel Freitas, an in-store marketing pioneer with over 15 years experience of working with top brands and retailers in Canada and the US, our aim to elevate Shopper Marketing to its rightful place in the Marketing Mix.

Creating in-store theater, providing the backdrop for your brands unique story that helps consumers feel and connect with your product.
Stand out at shelf. Create a unique and compelling story, help your brand create desire. When done properly packaging can be one one the greatest tools for selling.
Helping brands discover who they are and what they stand for. MiThinks helps create your design language, we bring your brand to life and help make it relevant.
Today’s storytelling must include a digital component. Using all our skills in crafting compelling stories we leverage the technology of today to help your reach.



We set about every day to transform the experience of creating awesome communications. Being an increasingly sustainable business partner and earth-friendly printing company is one of the many ways. We are Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) and committed supporters of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our company wide initiatives for better inks, paper, energy, transportation and waste management are detailed here.

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