Mi5 Print Sustainability and Work Place Policies

Mi5 Print and Digital adjudicates all practices of the life cycle of printed materials with sustainability in mind. We are proud to be part of an earth-friendly print green environment.

Certifications and Memberships:

Forest Stewardship Council® Certified (FSC®)

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)®

EcoLogo Environmental Choice

*FSC material is available upon request

Sustainable Practices

  1. Historical initiatives and continuous improvement for Green Friendly Environments
  2. High efficiency building with waste streams
  3. Carbon footprint awareness – a part of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  4. Abide and promote FSC, SFI, PEFC, and EcoLogo process and controls
  5. Sustainable manufacturing is core to our culture of innovation and invention thorough the print experience

Work Ethics and Policies

  1. Health and Safety Policy in place with HS Support Team
  2. Work place policies include a wide variety of coverage including harassment
  3. Confidentiality – acknowledge and agreements in place
  4. Generous benefits program for the work force
  5. Certified member of WBE Canada promoting women owned and managed business enterprises.


Outside sustainability consultants contracted to determine new green initiatives.
Entire building retrofitted with a high efficiency fluorescent lighting system delivers 75% reduction in electricity use.
Source separation introduced for waste streams (metal, paper and chemicals)
Initiated recycled washes for use in the pressroom.


Adopted a low VOC ink policy, choosing not to use cheaper mineral oil based inks.
Alcohol free.


Introduction of automated waste recycling system
“Greenhouse Gas Protocol” inspires Mi5 to start measuring its carbon footprint. Sustainability committee set in motion a more defined environmental policy to reduce greenhouse gases.
Mi5 purchases Fuji XMF, a single proof to multiple output PDF workflow, reducing the number of physical proofs created by 22%. New system saves paper, ink and travel to and from clients.


Investment in new plate imager with a neutral chemical developer and recycling system. Automated colour profiles and proof-to-press colour calibration reduced our overall paper usage.


Mi5 begins offering customers options for carbon neutral production using earth friendly processes and for purchasing certified carbon offsets to cover the total carbon footprint.


Addition of Ink saver software to reduce ink usage, reduce waste and increase colour consistency.


Introduces no-idling policy for trucks & couriers.
Mi5 continues to add equipment designed to reduce the need to outsource project elements. This improves the carbon footprint, and ensures greater control over total production quality.