Mi5 Print and Google introduce new logo designs evoking “simplicity and delight”

September 1, 2015 ·

New logo designs unveiled by Mi5 and Google both express the simplicity and delight inherent within their specialized brand experiences.

Coincidence? We think not!

More than a mere de-serification and flattening exercise, the deeply involved design processes considered the full mission and purpose of the respective companies and sought to express their energy with new brand identities that strive towards accessibility and usefulness across a broad constellation of platforms.

By way of Google Design here the team behind the Google logo project offers up the inside story and reasons behind seeking a new design, the complete details of their creative brief, the rational and math powering the font development, asset generation, version control, and self-service distribution across code base and using pixel-perfect SVGs for base assets.

Enjoy the insights. And if we may just clarify one small item – we did ours first!