Mi5 Print Achieves Profit 500 Company List for Seventh Straight Year

October 30, 2015 ·

Canada’s most complete ranking of fastest growing companies, The Canadian Business Profit 500 Company List is by far the largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement.

Companies are ranked by five-year revenue growth nationally, regionally and by industry.

Mi5 Print and Digital is honoured to be a member of this incredibly successful group.

“We are delighted to be recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing printers and a member of the Profit 100 Companies for a 7th year in a row,” said Sheryl Sauder, Mi5 Print’s CEO. “Our clients are the number one reason for this, of course, and we are extremely grateful. Next would be the Service Intelligence our teams put into every customer project we run. And that means we can print like no one else – faster and with way better results. Come and see what we’re doing with our ProBrite line – and how it’s changing the whole print experience.”

Mi5 Print will continue to invest and grow its capabilities – and has plenty of expansion announcements still to come in 2015 and 2016.

We will continue to invest in top line technology and service platforms to support our clients’ specific needs for best-in-market communications or large format POP or whatever you may challenge us with next. Whether that be “value pressure” to stretch your printing budget to the max or a wild new shopper marketing concept to launch a whole new brand experience. While others hold back on pushing the limits, Mi5 Print boldly moves in step with you and your customers.

See here for more about the exciting possibilities of ProBrite™ or visit Canadian Business Profit 500 for secrets and strategies from Canada’s most successful companies.